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The lowest cost EMR installation and support, your way.

Ditch the monthly license fees. Have control of your practice data.

Get a fully-featured open-source EMR setup without the price tag.

NO license or user fees.

Save tens of thousands of dollars and retain control of your data.

Don’t pay any per user monthly fees for your EMR.

Offering OpenEMR, OS*@R EMR, installations and custom EMR development
Canada & USA

Why choose ADITECH?

  • We’re the maintainers of the largest EMR documentation and resources site (we know every nook & cranny of the EMR!)
  • Years of experience installing, training, and customizing EMRs
  • We’ve created over 2,000 eForms, report templates, and articles
  • We’ve improved open-source OS*@R’s code by adding features and fixing bugs
  • No contracts or hidden fees
  • Lowest cost guaranteed – we’re the only ones left offering EMR installations who haven’t been bought out!

Proudly 100% Canadian

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Get all the EMR features you expect, right out of the box

  • Unlimited physicians and staff users
  •  Designed for GPs and specialists
  •  eChart
  •  Forms & eForms (go paperless!)
  •  Encounter Templates
  •  Prescribing, Allergies & Drug Interactions modules
  •  Full patient scheduling
  •  Task tracking & messaging
  •  CPP, Patient Documents, and Alerts
  •  Ontario OHIP, and BC MSP Billing supported, easy billing correction
  •  Direct connection with BC MSP/Teleplan for submissions, download & health card validation
  •  Ontario OHIP, and BC MSP Billing supported
  •  Report templates
  •  Remote access, no software download required
  •  Consultations & Referrals
  •  Disease Registry
  •  Measurements
  •  Preventions & Immunizations
  •  3rd Party Billing & invoicing
  •  Label printing
  •  Custom letter

Optional Features

  • eFax – receive faxes directly into EMR inbox, and send directly from EMR
  • Automatic backups to your local server of choice, or to Amazon Healthcare Cloud (same destination the expensive EMR providers use), or VM backup
  • Online booking integration
  • Check-in & registration kiosk
  • Real-Time Ontario Health Card Validation
  • Automatic appointment reminders
  • Patient secure messaging, eSigning, and form filling
  • Support via phone, email, SMS, WhatsApp

Training & Onboarding

  •  Full EMR Training for all users
  •  Custom packages or the lowest hourly rate in the industry: $80


  •  Custom programming available
  •  Custom membership/portal applications integrated with EMR
  •  Custom eForms and database reports


  • EMR installation flat fee: $499 (CAD)
  • Setup automatic backups flat fee: $89
  • Support whenever you need it: $80/hr
  • There are NO MONTHLY LICENSE FEES, and you can have unlimited doctors using and billing in your EMR system
  • This is absolutely the lowest cost, guaranteed

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    Can I get OS*@R EMR?

    Yes. The Canadian open-source EMR system. Name is just blurred due to trademark.

    Where is the EMR installed?

    • In your Amazon cloud (AWS) or Azure account, OR on your own Ubuntu server or NAS of choice.
    • If you have no idea about cloud or servers, no problem, we can initialize everything for you. You don’t need to deal with any technicalities.
    • All the expensive EMR vendors run their EMR software from Amazon & Azure clouds. You can choose to have us install it there as well.
    • You don’t pay any per-user licensing fees. The only cost is running the VM if in the cloud, which is around $50-150/month (not per user) depending on what is chosen (or just use an existing server). Use your cloud provider account of choice, pay directly without any middleman or markups.

    Who controls the data?

    • You do. You have full control of your whole EMR / patient data. Nobody else has access.
    • If you want support, updates, or customization, you can give us access and pay the $80 hourly rate when you need it, instead of forking over thousands of dollars

    Do I need to be tech-savvy?

    No, you don’t have to know anything about servers.

    Will my data be backed up? What if the server crashes?

    We can setup automated daily backups of the entire EMR database and files, to your local server or Amazon encrypted storage or VM replication/auto backup. That way it can be restored in a disaster scenario. Can also utilize one click backup and restore from AWS/Azure.

    Why are there no license fees? Other providers quote me $270-475 per doctor per month. What’s the catch?

    • The EMR we can install is open-source software. Other examples of open-source software are: Linux, Mozilla Firefox, LibreOffice & OpenOffice, Apache, NGINX, VLC Media Player, and millions more.
    • The other providers charge you a monthly per-user fee to “provide support”, but that becomes very expensive very fast, because you don’t need that much assistance once the EMR is up and running.
    • We charge only a flat fee for the installation, and hourly for time you request support. We’ll install the EMR on your server or your cloud provider of choice. We don’t own the datacenter, so we don’t have those costs. You can have as many users as your server will handle! If you need more, it can always be upgraded if in the cloud so it never slows down.
    • You get the same reliability as expensive cloud EMR vendors, even with the same cloud provider. You just pay the approx. $50-150/month directly to Amazon or Microsoft for the cloud cost (for them to keep the server powered on; this is not a ‘per user’ fee), if you decide to have us install the EMR in the cloud for you. Otherwise, we can install on your own server or NAS of choice (ex. Synology, QNAP…)