Sangoma Partner

ADITECH is proud to be a Sangoma Authorized Partner

Sangoma Offers:

  • Business communications
  • SIP trunking
  • Cloud (UCaaS) and on-premise phone systems
    • For businesses of ALL sizes
    • Affordable
  • Video conferencing
  • Fax
  • Phones & devices
    • Sangoma manufactures the most widely-compatible business VoIP phones and devices
  • Connected workspace
  • Contact center
  • Leverages open-source
    • Sangoma manages FreePBX and Asterisk – the most widely used communications platforms

Sangoma offers many solutions, the most popular are the PBXAct series of PBX appliances. These come in various configurations and are very reliable and easy to manage.

Sangoma is unique in its offerings as it tailors to both small, medium, large and enterprise clients. Other large companies tend to overcharge for communications systems with ridiculous licensing/ongoing fees, while Sangoma offers reliable solutions for all budgets.

Contact us to get a quote or learn more on how ADITECH can help with your needs while leveraging Sangoma’s products and services.

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ADITECH is excited to help you move forward with your business communications needs and we will leverage our network of partnerships including Sangoma to get you the most comprehensive solution that fits your needs.