RingCentral Fax Auto Download and Auto Send

This program will run on any computer with .NET runtime installed. .NET comes included with Windows and can easily be installed on any other operating system.

This program can be triggered automatically (ex. every few mins) or triggered by a user and will download new faxes from RingCentral to a specified directory (network shares / UNCs are supported), and send new files from a specified directory. The desired function can be triggered using arguments download or send.

The fax sending feature looks in the specified directory for PDF files named as a fax number, ex. 15555555555.pdf and sends them.

You don’t have to use both features; you can use either download or send or both.

RingCentral’s API rate limits are handled automatically by the application.

The first time RingCentral API setup to get the JWT token and be able to use the RingCentral production account requires the application to be properly registered with RingCentral’s developer console and it must pass the tests (x number of successful API calls with sandbox credentials) which usually takes an hour after which it’s usable for production account going forward. This is something that needs to be setup over remote screenshare by our team.

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