Ontario Certified Health Card Validation Solution

OntarioMD recently decommissioned their web health card validation (HCV) portal. This left many clinics with no health card validation option:

The Health Card Validation (HCV) service will no longer be available on OntarioMD.ca after June 27, 2024. This decision aligns with ongoing advancements in health-care technology to offer more integrated and efficient services.

Transition Options: Ministry Integration
Consider integrating directly with the Ministry’s HCV Web Service for real-time health card validation. This service enables real-time patient eligibility checks directly within your patient registration system. For assistance, please refer to the Health Card Validation Reference Manual.

Of course it’s unrealistic for any physician to code the complete HCV integration themselves and get it certified as per the reference manual… ADITECH has developed a complete HCV solution that offers the exact same features as the previous OntarioMD HCV portal, and more.

You are able to validate any Ontario Health Card:

You will see the response details including complete patient demographics. You can also validate any of the specialty codes above, and the response will indicate if they have been billed in the past year.

The data is live, directly from the Ministry of Health (MOH) systems. Exactly the same data source as OntarioMD utilized. We just cut out the middleman and let you connect directly to the ministry without the need for OntarioMD.

In addition, this HCV portal can be integrated with any third party system such as a check-in kiosk, API, or EMR. We even integrated it with OSCAR, for example. Our solution is certified by the MOH and we’re listed as an approved vendor. If requested, we can manage the re-certification process to get your clinic your own conformance key to use for the service.

Contact us today to get it setup for your clinic. The application can be installed on your clinic’s server or hosted by us.

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