Pharmacy Online Rx Renewal Requests Application

ADITECH’s Rx renewal requests software streamlines your pharmacy operations by allowing patients to request refills & transfers of their medication online.

Currently in use by 16 pharmacies in Ontario

Patients of all ages expect to be able to renew their medications online. Calling for renewals is just another hassle.


  • Automatic prescription number lookup and DOB verification
  • Connected directly to KROLL Pharmacy database
  • Fully mobile-friendly
  • Format:
    • This is a web application which means it doesn’t require any app installation and works on all platforms. It can be accessed directly from the main pharmacy website.
  • Patient is notified via SMS/Email when Rx is ready for pickup
    • Patient is required to consent to receive automated SMS/Email via check box
  • Prevents refills for inactive patient or inactive prescription, and when there is no more remaining quantity
  • Looks up patient and drug info from KROLL
  • Dashboard for pharmacy staff to search and filter Renewal requests
    • Two user roles: User, and Admin
    • Ability to have multiple users (for staff)
    • Bulk mark orders as ready for pickup which will trigger notifications to patients
    • Add internal notes for renewal order
  • It’s possible to integrate the renewal program with your phone line for automated IVR renewals. Ex. “press 1 to order refills…. Enter your Rx number and press pound…. Thank you, your renewal order has been placed. You will be notified when it is ready for pickup.”

If desired we can show the patient a warning when there are no more refills left:


  • Everything can be customized. For example, if you don’t want to prevent patients from being turned away if there are no refills left for their Rx (ie. your staff will attempt to contact the prescriber for renewals by default, or you will extend the medication for them), then we can always show them the Refill Ordered message instead of “No Remaining Refills” warning.
  • The pickup and delivery options are customizable. For example, you may want it to follow an algorithm to only offer the current date as an option if it is before 2pm (ex. if you only offer delivery or pickup on the same day if placed before 2pm). We can fully customize the dates shown.
  • Data is directly from KROLL if patient enters their Rx number.
  • Optionally, you can allow patients to request refills by entering the medication name if they don’t have their Rx number – this is useful if you want to make it easy for patients to renew their medications while at work/away from the Rx bottle.

Allow Online Rx Renewals


This is by far the cheapest integration to allow your patients to renew and transfer prescriptions. Your pharmacy software vendor charges upwards of $500 monthly for such a system, and it doesn’t even work well.

We’ve worked with pharmacists one-on-one for over 2 years and they have shown us how hard it is for patients to use their vendor’s app – they are required to make some sort of account, login, email…

That is why our program makes it as easy as possible for your patients to renew their medications, and bring in revenue to your pharmacy with the least possible friction.

We understand your business. That’s why we only charge a one-time fee to setup and install our program

It runs on your existing pharmacy software server and does not require additional fees. It’s by far the most cost-effective option.

We’ll even add a button to your website for patients to request renewal / transfer online! The button can point to the renewal app which can be at any subdomain such as Don’t have a website? We’ll make one for you and even setup a custom email, like [email protected].

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